Sports Vision Training

Dr. Fabian Tai & Associates offers Sports Vision Training.

Research shows that over 80% of what we learn comes from the visual system. That percentage goes up even more when one is talking about sports because the eyes direct the movement of the body.  Strong visual skills are critical to sports success.  The difference between elite athletes in making it to the next level is very small.  The benefits of coaching, strength training, proper nutrition and sleep are key in one’s game.  Legendary sports athletes have commented how their vision has made the difference in their game.  Vision training is the untold secret to an athlete’s success!

We can successfully improve:

  • eye-hand coordination
  • depth perception
  • reaction time
  •  wide field of vision (peripheral vision)
  • change of focus
  • eye tracking and teaming
  • visualization skills
  • decision making skills to evaluate the situation

All activities are done on a sport specific basis with a custom tailored program for each athlete.  Beyond quality comprehensive eye exams, there are other areas of visual motor and visual perceptual skills that are unique to athletes.  These skills are different for each specific sport.  There is an opportunity to enhance not only these visual skills, but also resulting in optimal sports performance to give you the competitive edge.

If you are interested in maximizing your visual potential to improve performance, contact our office to book your visual assessment.