At Dr. Fabian Tai & Associates, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality vision care to our patients.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

There is more to your eyes than just seeing 20/20. We work hard to ensure your experience at our clinic is excellent. Your complete ocular assessment will include the following:

1.     Case History 

2.     Eye pressure 

3.     Lensometry 

4.     Refraction

5.     Eye movement and coordination

6.     Ocular Health – Did you know that your eyes are the windows into your overall health? Early signs of diabetes and high blood pressure can be detected in an eye exam. Technology and expertise allow us to assess your health and detect even the earliest signs of eye disease such as:

         a.     Glaucoma

         b.     Macular degeneration

         c.      Diabetic retinopathy

         d.     Cataracts

         e.     Dry eye

7.     Eyewear customization

Your eye exam may take up to one hour. Please bring any current glasses or sunglasses that you wear as well as a list of medications you are taking. You may have dilating drops placed in your eyes that may cause light sensitivity afterwards; please bring a driver if you do not feel comfortable driving.

Children 19 years or younger and adults 65 years or older are covered by OHIP for an eye exam once every year. 

Pediatric Eye examS

Did you know your child should have their first eye exam between 6 months to a 1-year of age? Proper vision is important to learning and development, as 80% of what a child learns is through their eyes. We have specialized tests to assess the eyesight and coordination of your child’s eyes. We make sure that your child’s first exam is enjoyable. Expect to see the following tests done at your child’s eye exam.

1.     Eyesight – Instead of letters, we use fun symbols that your child will recognize. We also have other tools designed specifically for infants and toddlers of all stages of growth or who cannot yet communicate.

2.     Eye movement and coordination – Using toys, lights, videos and 3D glasses, we can determine how well your child’s eyes are working together.

3.     Ocular health – Our technology and expertise allow us to assess the health of your child’s eyes and their overall health.

4.     Eyewear customization – We carry a wide variety of children’s frames and sunglasses. 

Complete digital imaging

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us show you your eyes in a way you have never seen them before! OCT, which stands for Ocular Coherence Tomography, is a highly advanced, non-invasive 3D medical imaging technique. The machine uses light to take high-resolution cross-sectional images of the back of your eye. This allows us to assess the health of all 10 layers of the retina. OCT scans help the doctor diagnose, monitor and treat many eye conditions such as:

1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration

2. Glaucoma

3. Diabetic retinopathy

4. Retinal detachment

Since all scans are recorded, we can monitor any changes to your eyes over time. This test is highly recommended for the elderly, diabetics and those with a family history of eye disease.


Interested in laser vision correction? We can talk you through your options and assess whether or not you are a candidate. We will send you to a trusted surgeon, and are proud to provide comprehensive pre and post-operative care.